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Ron Calonica

Professional Executive, Nanotechnology

Hi, I'm Ron Calonica. Welcome to my profile!

Ron Calonica's Bio:

Ron Calonica: In 1993 I launched a Mexican Seafood Co. Owning and operating my own company helped me acquire the skills needed to achieve the goals I set out to learn about the seafood industry. For 20+ years my attention has been focused on the seafood industry. I am a food and beverage industry leader with a deep knowledge of procurement, supply chain, sales operations, and manufacturing production across the value chain. My extensive international food experience combines with expertise in consumer trends and value metrics, financial analysis and reporting to produce innovative product strategies that drive exceptional performance improvements. (Six Sigma) I have been involved in food safety for 10 years, joining a team of food safety experts that are developing new technologies to ensure safer food. In 2007-08, I field-tested organic antimicrobials' in Mexico on seafood, pork, poultry, meats, produce, and dairies. I ran tests for the HRI industry to evaluate and seek out better ways to control pathogen outbreaks by integrating affordable organic antimicrobial solutions. I supervised top bio-chemical food engineers during all onsite field-testing, which provided the necessary data and information needed to analyze and complete my research. POI: fish hatcheries, grow-out ponds ~ tilapia, shrimp, and 2 of Mexico's largest tuna processing plants, proving how significant our organic antimicrobials helped solve their food safety problems while increasing and speeding up production. I demonstrated excellent on-site results, accumulating valuable data that proved our theories correct and accurate. I have conducted business internationally for over 40 years, building strong business relationships and alliances worldwide. In 1984, I traveled to China with the Reagan administration. I conduct myself in a professional manner; focus: start-up operations, business development, strategic planning, channel development, sales, MARCOM, advertising and logistics.

Ron Calonica's Experience:

  • Dir. Business Development (consultant) at NorCal Food Distribution

    Defined and described marketing channels, entry strategies, sales channels, food service, retail, marketing strategies, sales strategies, etc. International procurement and supply chain and logistics management. In addition, I negotiated contracts with government officials/agencies, health authorities/departments, commercial fisherman, fish hatcheries, aquaculture farmers, seafood processors, domestic and international importer/distributors, brokers, and retailers.

  • President at Seafood iCe Solutions

    Seafood ice Solutions S.A. de C.V. was set up to introduce antimicrobial ice solutions to the seafood, meats, veggies and fruit industry by conducting field studies in the food sector using organic antimicrobial remedies. I was solely responsible for setting Seafood iCe Solutions, S.A. de C.V. up in Mexico City, Mexico, in it's entirety; including incorporating the company in Mexico City. I procured all the necessary documentation and permits from all the necessary government agencies and NGO's, including but not limited to work visas for foreign employee(s), etc. I implemented all the strategic planning necessary to launch the company in a foreign country, drafted the business and marketing plans, hired the biochemical engineer(s), et al locally. In addition, I pinpointed office locations, negotiated all property leases, equipment purchases and leases, vehicles, and negotiated import permits for our organic solutions with Salud, etc., which were classified as a hazardous materials in its purest form, in order to get them allowed to be legally used on Food and Equipment and Food contact surfces. I developed the concept and set up the entire business infrastructure, integrating a turnkey operation in 3 months.

  • Director/Consultant at NorCal Food Distribution

    I consult for and act as the senior buyer/trader, logistics coordinator, and supply chain management for NorCal Foods.

  • CEO at TSF Interncaional, S.A. de C.V.

    In 1993, I launched a Mexican Seafood Co (shrimp, farmed), in addition to wild caught seafood products. Owning and operating my own company helped me acquire the skills needed to achieve the goals I set out to learn about the seafood industry For over 20 years, my attention has been focused entirely on the seafood industry and food safety.

  • President/CEO at NanoEclat, Inc.

    NanoEclat has developed an intelligent and affordable approach to NanoTechnologies by developing and commercializing their NanoReactor(s) and transforming 100% pure metals and alloy NanoPowders to a high quality commercial level not currently available in the market place. Nanotechnology was estimated to rise from $1.4 billion in 2007 to over 20 billion by 2015. It is projected to reach 49 billion by 2017. Food Processing and Food Safety potential... One unique metal, Nano-silver, is an antimicrobial, and it is incorporated into hundreds of consumer products, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, clothing, cutting boards, food containers, food packaging, computer parts, curling irons, hair brushes, baby bottles and children's pacifiers. A few current uses and benefits of nanotechnology in food and food packaging Extending shelf life: nano-silica packaging keeps gases from entering plastic packaging (ex: used in Miller Lite beer bottles and Cadbury chocolate bar wrappers) and adhesive labels inside packages prevent oxygen getting in and causing spoilage (Examples include processed meats and ready-to-eat meals). Germ-Killers: nano-silver in antimicrobial coatings and packaging. Absorb Moisture: to prevent spoilage in packaged meat, poultry, and fish. Nano Health Supplements: drinks for children that contains iron nanoparticles or encapsulates supplements in nano lipid (fat) bubbles. "Active" Packaging: nano-sensors may allow for traceability and monitoring of food storage conditions (ex: products packaging could change colors when contents are spoiling or contaminated). The U.S. government, industry, and foreign governments have invested heavily in the military applications of nanotechnology. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is interested in nanomaterials and nanotechnologies in order to create: Smaller, more lightweight devices More efficient and faster electronics and energy systems Stronger, more resilient materials and weapons 10nm to 100nm range

  • Dir. Business Development (consultant) at Global Food Technologies/iPura

    At GFT, I helped develop market entry strategies for fresh/frozen tilapia, shrimp and salmon, including GFT's iPura brand and development, depicting value strategies, analyzed advertising revenue and cost effectiveness. Strategic analysis included business plan & sales strategy development focused on how to distribute seafood. Advising new businesses about GFT's iPura food safety program and business structures, i.e., entry strategies, covering sales, marketing and structured commercial buyer programs. I helped generate new development ideas for an import company, integrating it into a working sales structure, that focuses on seafood importation, logistics, distribution and sales. I set up and ran on-site biotech field study projects with our proprietary anti-microbials, running tests and measuring results on vegetables, dairy operations, tilapia, shrimp, tuna for the HRI industry. All tests were performed on location at vegetable/fruit farming operations, seafood hatcheries, grow-out ponds, processing plants, ice houses, transportation facilities and vehicles. In addition, I researched current seafood trends and drafted a complete market analysis focused on tilapia, shrimp, pangasius and salmon.

Ron Calonica's Education:

  • SCU

  • SCU - International Business Law

    Concentration: International Law and Legal Studies


Ron Calonica's Interests & Activities:

Nanotechnology, sports, snow skiing, scuba diving, Nano, water skiing, volleyball, baseball, football, food science, food safety, technology, legalities, renewable energy, sustainability, marketing, sales, toastmasters, Presidential Task Force, nutrition, health, well being,

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